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Second Opinions

Your dentist informs you that you have extensive dental health problems that need to be fixed. But you’re not sure you’re ready for extensive dental work, or are unsure of your other options. What should you do? If you feel like you want a second opinion about a dental health concern, it probably means you should get one. When it comes to extensive treatment, it is never a bad idea to get multiple opinions. This is especially true for dental treatment since dentists tend to see mouths differently.

You should consider a dental second opinion when:

  • You were surprised by the dental treatment recommended
  • You don’t have good rapport with your present dentist
  • You are not satisfied with your current dental office
  • You are unsure that the work is necessary
  • You want to save money

At a Dental Second Opinion visit you can expect:

  • An evaluation of x-rays
  • An explain the condition of your teeth through high definition photos
  • A discussion of treatment options and alternatives
  • A fee estimate for necessary treatment

The benefits of a Dental Second Opinion are:

  • You will be thoroughly educated about your dental health
  • You will get the facts to make well-informed and better decisions about your dental treatment
  • You can avoid potentially costly or extensive treatments
  • You can weigh your options without the pressure of a sales pitch

To request an appointment for a second opinion consultation, give us a call at (858) 597-9844.

floss takes a genuinely unique approach to dentistry.

We believe that most people make the best decisions when given all the facts. We meticulously present all the facts in a clear, understandable, and visual manner and allow the client to determine how to proceed with treatment most appropriate to them. There is no rush and no push.

The result is a high level of client knowledge and satisfaction.

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