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Dental bonding is the use of white (or tooth-colored) composite (filling material) for filling, repairing, or making aesthetic improvements to a teeth.

Dental bonding has to be performed with skill and care. Unlike placing mercury fillings where one essentially fills a hole, bonding takes precision and detail or the bonding will fail – the filling will leak, fall out, crack, break, or the patient will have significant sensitivity afterwards. Done properly, however, dental bonding is an excellent, highly aesthetic, and long lasting result for repairing, restoring or aesthetically enhancing teeth.

At floss, we are perfectionists in what we do – including precision dental bonding. We have mastered this detailed procedure, and deliver excellent results for our patients.

Harmony at it’s best! ✨ Perfect smile harmony created with bonding of 4 teeth. . This client had a slightly chipped tooth that was discolored and completely mismatched her other teeth. . We masked the discoloration, lengthened her teeth to make them more prominent. . A natural design and harmonious edges! ?? . . . #floss #flossinlajolla #flossdental #sandiego #lajolla #lajolladentist #drkiyan #implant #cosmetic #restorativedentistry #smile #smilevirtualconsult #newsmile #smilemakeover #transformation #beforeandafter #losangeles #socal #beverlyhills #veneers #veneer #porcelainveneers #porcelain #dentalmakeover #teethwhitening #gummysmile #gumlift #facialaestheticdentistry #carillas #виниры

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Who is a candidate for dental bonding?

There are two basic types of dental bonding procedures:

  • Cosmetic Bonding (resin veneers)
  • Restorations (fillings/repairs of chips, cracks, etc)

Cosmetic Bonding

At floss, when we place resin veneers to improve your smile, we use a highly aesthetic bonding material applied directly to your teeth to correct discolored spots, repair chips or small fractures, reshape teeth, improve the poor appearance of crooked teeth, and brighten your smile.

We have the experience, talent and patience required to achieve incredibly aesthetic results using bonding to improve the appearance of your smile. floss delivers results that are truly un-detectable, natural-looking, and beautiful!


White or tooth-colored fillings have been a preferred method of filling teeth for decades. These fillings are an excellent option for filling a small cavity, replacing a small old mercury or composite filling, and repairing small ships or fractures in teeth.

There are limitations to bonding when the cavity or old filling is large, if the tooth to be restored has cracks or large fractures, or if there is are heavy biting/chewing forces on the tooth to be restored. Sometimes a porcelain filling is a better option than dental bonding.

At floss, we will discuss the advantages of using tooth bonding for your specific situation. We will discuss all of the options for fixing, filling, or improving your teeth, so that you have all of the information you need to decide which dental restoration is the very best for you.

Are there any drawbacks to Dental bonding?

Even though dental bonding material is an advanced resin polymer, it is still a type of plastic. And, a drawback to plastics as a restorative material is that they are porous on a microscopic level, and therefore they absorb stain. So, in the smile zone, if we are covering all of the teeth with chairside bonding or resin veneers, these restorations will require more maintenance (polishing, stain removal, chip repair) than using porcelain veneers (which are resistant to staining and chipping). For this reason, porcelain is usually a more ideal option for improving multiple teeth in your smile.

Does bonding cause sensitivity?

It depends on the skill level of your dentist. At floss, we have record success using bonding. Here’s why: Bonding is an extremely precise, detailed procedure – if done poorly, it may cause tooth sensitivity, or a filling that will leak, crack, fail, or fall out.

We understand the precision needed to achieve success using bonding. Because we are skilled and perfectionist,  we perform dental procedures with the fine detail needed to ensure success. At floss we pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with current technology and advancements in bonding principles.

If you have any questions, please call floss in La Jolla at (858) 597-9844, or fill out this form to schedule a consultation. We enjoy what we do and we LOVE to talk about it. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve the smile you have always wanted and deserve.

floss takes a genuinely unique approach to dentistry.

We believe that most people make the best decisions when given all the facts. We meticulously present all the facts in a clear, understandable, and visual manner and allow the client to determine how to proceed with treatment most appropriate to them. There is no rush and no push.

The result is a high level of client knowledge and satisfaction.

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