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Gum Lifting

A gingival contouring procedure or a “gum lift” involves gently removing excess gum tissue by contouring the “gummy” section of your smile in order to “reshape” your smile in this fast and painless cosmetic procedure. When too much gum tissue grows down covering the teeth, the appearance of the smile becomes too gummy and the teeth appear too small. This often happens while wearing braces, or because of hormone changes, or as a side effect of some medications.

Gum lifting and contouring can ensure symmetry and harmony to the overall appearance of the smile.

Are There Limitations To A Gum Lift Or Gum Contouring?

There is a certain amount of gums that must remain around teeth in order to maintain a healthy gum architecture. The limitations in a gum lift procedure are in how much sculpting can be done while maintaining a healthy gum architecture. If you have a gummy smile that cannot be improved with gum contouring, there are other options available to you.

The best way to find out if we can improve your smile is to schedule a consultation appointment. At this appointment we will take high definition photos of your teeth and smile, and we will take measurements in order to find out how we can best achieve the results you desire. Dramatic and beautiful results are accomplished with this simple, conservative and gentle procedure.

If you have any questions, please call floss in La Jolla at (858) 597-9844, or fill out this form to schedule a consultation. We enjoy what we do and we LOVE to talk about it. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve the smile you have always wanted and deserve.

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The result is a high level of client knowledge and satisfaction.

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